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After Charlie Hebbdo, after November in Paris and now Brussels, after the flags flying in solidarity, the tricolour projected onto buildings and monuments, after the altered avatars declaring that we are all Charlie, Belgian or Parisians, after all the instant analysis and 24hr rolling news coverage, can the penny finally have dropped in the silence of the heart? It is you they want to kill. They want to kill you for everything you are and for everything you are not. If you are a Muslim, cuts no ice with them, at least not until you are willing to cut your kufr neighbours throat.
Foreign policy, Israel, Iraq, Tony Blair, Donald Trump, blasphemy, cartoons and anything else you want to add on, -Sykes Piquet perhaps, or the Crusades, - have nothing to do with it.  They want to kill you because you do not see the world as they do. They want to kill you because you dance and listen to music. They want to kill you because you laugh and sing in the bath and live your life with no thought o…


At the top end of All Saints Road there is a refuge, an enclave in which a local Bohemian culture retains a foothold, this is the Book & kitchen, a café/bookshop with adjoining terrace. Here the bustle of the nearby market gives way to conversation, conversation in the presence of images of the recent, and not so recent, past. The past of an area that has contributed so much to the life and culture of the city.
I was there to meet local historian Mr Tom Vague a man intimately familiar with so much of this history. What Tom doesn’t know about the recent history of the area probably is not worth knowing. With Tom’s energy and effort Colville Community Forum, supported by City Living Local Life, recently held a gathering at The Book and Kitchen to celebrate this rich history. February 16 6-9 Pm, with Film Screening and Readings Exhibition February 16-26 2016. Featuring 30 Classic Westway Photographs and Posters. This represents one of a number of initiatives of the City Living Loca…