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The Secret of the Jack of Clubs Circle A short distance from St James Park underground station, down a narrow side street, so narrow and nondescript, with an entrance almost hidden by a tree, that most people miss it. Going down a short flight of steps, you enter a short street, leading to the park dominated, on the left-hand side, by a late 18th century terraced house. Some well-worn steps lead to an imposing black door, but this is not the interesting entrance. No, if you walk a little further on, to the right side of the main entrance there is a short metal spiral staircase leading to the basement. Should you walk down these stairs you would come to a dark green door. This used to be the entrance to the servant’s quarter, but now it serves as a meeting place for the Jack of Clubs Circle. I have deliberately omitted the name of the Street or the number on the door, since knowing these small details could put your life at risk. Indeed, I may have already told you too much, and shoul…