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The following is an attempt to understand the mindset of a Brexit supporting male, though I think some of the attitudes will be shared by female Brexiteers. It is open to the accusation of being a caricature, and perhaps this is not an unfair criticism. Here then is my attempt. 
All the wrongs in your life can be summed up in one word, humiliation. The sense of diminishment is all pervasive, at work, at home, watching football, in the supermarket queue or finding a parking space. This feeling of humiliation can be triggered and reach boiling point by any number of instances. Getting a parking ticket, a couple speaking a foreign language and moving the queue forward too slowly, England beaten at Wembley, ‘politically correct’ phraseology, all can make the feeling of being a ‘second-class' citizen in one’s own country be burning and intense.  The one thread that links all these instances is foreigners, the feeling that alien elements are being imposed upon you. Against this tide of fo…